Be your Own Phoenix

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By Jozef Klopacka
Intense pain shoots down through your mind, throat, chest, heart, hips, back, legs, and feet. Don’t. Don’t you dare to cower away from it. Welcome it. Embrace it. It is coming for you, breaking you apart. Tearing the ego out of your body infecting your soul. Skin peeling off from the fresh skin. Leaving you bare-naked and vulnerable. You realize you are standing alone. Hold on. Breathe in and out. You are stronger now. You are no longer attached to the ego. You are no longer attached to another’s egos. You are your own. You are you.
Our heart’s call is loud and strong that it’s triggering the painful transformations our spirit craves for. The call is not a warning bell but it is beyond the mandatory bell. Your heart is coming forth regardless you like it or not.
It is not a matter of how ready you are to transform but how ready you are to accept your shadows. It is also a test of love to see how much do you really want to change? How willing are you allowing the world to see who you are and your heart? How much are you in love with yourself? How willing are you to embrace your true being?

Painful transformation is evident in the readings with my clients, close friends, and my personal journey. The past few weeks ago, I have been seeing people going through their own intense transformation. I am honored to be a part of their journey and to witness their strength not holding on it but to allow the internal and external transformation take place.

Their strength was beautiful because it was fueled by their heart. They were shedding themselves from the ego. It sounds really intense and uncomfortable but going through a transformation is an intense experience because you are starving the ego. Think of yourself as a Phoenix rising from the ashes (ego).
You are literally rising from being burned. Every inauthentic part of you is burned. Nothing is left but ashes blowing away in the air becoming absolute nothing. Nothing survived the fire but your heart.
In order to be true to your heart, you have to be willing to part from your ego. It is a painful experience but yet it is what trigger the changes you dream of. You are no longer suffocating your own Phoenix under others’ ego and your own ego.
This blog might be biased because I am a Scorpio aka the Phoenix but I am going through an amazing transformation since I have decided to let my spiritually based business to evolve naturally.
The moment I made the decision also taught me a profound lesson. I will not lie that it was not an easy decision because it means loss of fans, loss of support, and loss of the familiarity. Transformation and losses (death) go in hand in hand because what you have lost was attaching to your ego and it cannot live on ego any longer.
It was a hard lesson but my ego can’t be stroked anymore when I see the number of fans go up on a daily basis. That was a rude awakening but yet a heart-awakening.
As I look back, watching the numbers increase was draining me spiritually because it was feeding my ego. Upon realization, I was not honoring my heart. Since the changes took place, the numbers were decreasing slowly just like my ego was dying slowly. It had to happen in order to be true to my heart.

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I do not fear the changes and losses but I fear of losing myself. Taking the risky decision was worth it because I am connecting with my heart and wisdom at a deep level. It is also worth it because I am finally embracing my inner artist. It’s a beautiful experience to see how deep I can go and how far I can go.
Letting your Phoenix out of the cage frees you in each way. Transformation takes place when you completely accept and love yourself. The moment you decide to let it go is the same moment you come into your heart. Simultaneously, you are starving the ego hence begins the painful transformation and leaving you feeling very vulnerable.
Don’t be afraid of feeling vulnerable because your vulnerability is your great asset in connecting with your heart’s wishes.
When you bravely got through the internal shedding experience, you’ll find serenity. You will no longer be caging your inner Phoenix. You will no longer deny yourself from being authentic to yourself. You will no longer fear the intimacy and be sharing your vulnerability.
You are becoming your own Phoenix.
-Mina <3

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4 thoughts on “Be your Own Phoenix

  1. Such true words. I have been through a major transformation over the last year especially. It seems to be an ongoing process. I have come to the place now where I see myself as simply a healer, but it’s not that simple. I have lots of modalities I can use to help people heal. My challenge is the material. I need income to live but doing the healing work for the right reasons doesn’t seem to be profitable most times. Maybe I’m just being impatient. I know everyone says to trust the process but it is so scary not knowing where the money to pay the bills is coming from.

    1. Yes, you’ll receive inspiration when you learn to trust the process. The key to manifesting abundance is to have fun doing it. You do not have to put the details in order before you can begin. Don’t worry so much about the material. Just offer your healing services and the material will come the next. Remember to do it with joy. ❤

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