Why You Need to Appreciate the Process

In the fast-paced world, we are always on the go reaching our destinations for the day. Every day we get up to go to work. We get up to go on a vacation. We get up to take care of our kids. We get up to meet our goals. We are always getting up for something.
But when unforeseen events rob your opportunity to meet your goals, it can kick you in your guts and then, you’re questioning whether you’re capable of meeting your goals. You might doubt your potential of accomplishing ANYTHING in your life.
That can send your logical circuit into overdrive triggering anxiety, sadness, and anger. It seems the world has become smaller with the clock ticking away as if all of sudden, time is running out and opportunities are becoming scarce.

You are backed into the dark corner filled with fears and hopeless. We all have been to the empty or void space and it is never fun but it can be manageable and preventive if you take proactive actions and change your attitude toward the unforeseen events throwing off your whole plan.

It is inevitable. Allow that to sink in for a moment. Surprises or wrenches thrown at us are INEVITABLE. I think we need to accept that there are chances our plan might not go according to our liking. In the past year, I was anxious and stressed the major of the year because I wanted immediate success and to be in a different place in my life.
I failed to live in the present. I failed to appreciate the process. I failed to enjoy the growing pains I went through and how much strength I gained from it. I also failed to be grateful for the experiences because it got where I am right now. I think I finally get it.
Instead of freaking out when you fail to meet your goals or doing tasks you want to do; you need to enjoy the process. My goals used to scare me because I thought they were enormous to achieve but that was when my mindset was in a place of scarcity.
Now that I’ve learned to let go of the control and appreciate where I am right now, I find myself writing few articles in a week, which was something I cannot do in the last year.
It is amazing how ideas and solutions come to me effortlessly when I stay calm. Gratitude is what makes the whole process enjoyable and fun. I am finally enjoying the process.
Trust that you are being guided to a place you’ve visualized. It might not what you’ve imagined but it can be a beautiful place if you can soak in the process on daily basis taking one thing at a time with faith in yourself. Then, you can wake up with a smile on your face knowing you’re going to meet your goal today.
-Mina <3

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