Being Spiritual Can Get Messy at Times

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“I have to clean this up or people are going to think I’m not spiritual!”  Picture Source: Google Search

I was going through a phase where I finally saw how messy my life was and how can I improve it but while processing the revelations, I found myself feeling shameful about the ‘messy’ parts in my life. Hell, I am embarrassed to talk about it.
I was thinking I must be not only one. This insightful revelation shows me that there is a ‘taboo’ surrounding about what it means to be spiritual.
For instance, an outsider of the spiritual community assumes there’s witchcraft mumbo-jumbo involved in the spirituality community or find people who are always happy and doing yoga as ‘strange.’
It’s just not the people who have chosen the traditional and structured belief but also the people already in the spiritual community reinforcing this confusing ‘taboo’ about what it means to be spiritual.
I think this is due to a lot of focus on being ‘perfect’ or ‘ being high vibe all the time’ in spiritual community and that’s where we fail every single time. Perhaps you think there’s something wrong with you when you feel messy in some aspect of your life and thought you would get your shit together by the time.
That’s complete bullshit. It is probably due to the societal expectation about what it means to be a ‘spiritual’ aka happy-go-lucky spiritual.
Members of the spiritual community also felt the shame surrounding the ‘messy’ part of their lives because if they cannot figure out how to remain to be a high vibrational spirit, then they have failed.
We need to eliminate the taboo of living a ‘messy’ life. You might spend a lot of time hiding that away from others or ignoring it.
You might also work so hard to clean that up without talking to a confidant friend about how to deal with it. There is so much pressure of having that ‘ideal’ life where you are handling everything in a mature way. That’s also bullshit because there is no such as an ideal ‘spiritual’ way of living.
As a spiritual and psychic, Lord knows I have a ton of messy parts in my life. I am a hot mess if you look into my home space, emotional space, and work environment. They all reflect what’s going on inside me.
Home space represents my emotional state and work environment represents my passion. If both spaces are disorganized, they are showing how out of alignment I am with my spirit and joy.
I will be the first to admit that I am far from being a ‘perfect spiritual.’ Until recently, I learned that it’s okay to be messy at times because it means I am unpacking the fears, wounds, and emotions. They are outside of me waiting for me to look at them to see where I might be stopping myself from living up to my potential.
It is also okay to be untidy because that’s where your true strength lies. Maybe you’re embarrassed to admit you made a messy mistake or develop a messy habit but that’s your opportunity to shine through. That’s where you grow beautifully and strongly.
It is going to be extremely uncomfortable admitting you made a mistake but guess what happened the next? You grow up. You are becoming the person you strive to be. That might be your biggest obstacle in your life but that’s also the biggest stepping-stone in your spiritual journey.
Admitting your cluttered spiritual life might felt a ton of responsibility but you are taking accountability for your life. That might be the most (grossly) mature action you could have taken but be very proud of yourself because that’s just only the beginning of living a truly spiritual life.
Don’t fall into the polarity thinking of either living a perfect life or living a messy life. Strive to live in the middle of either extreme point. One day you’re going to live an awesome life and the next day you’re going to feel everything is falling apart. It doesn’t matter if you cannot react to it in a ‘perfect’ way.
What matters is to give yourself a well-deserved break and take a moment to breathe through it. Recollect yourself and adjust to it. You are much stronger than you think because there’s nothing God can give you can’t handle.
Emotionally speaking, emotions are also a part of the life roller coaster. Highs and downs emotionally can alter the perception of your situation but it is when you have to be kind to yourself and to take a step back to reframe your perception of the situation.
Those emotions can make you doubt yourself and your spiritual journey but it is a cry for self-care. Your mind, body, and spirit are incredible when they work together because your mind becomes quick to recognize the surrounding, your body reacts quicker before your mind can make sense of the situation, and your spirit taps into the intuition to guide you out of the dangerous environment.
Listening to what your mind, body, and spirit needs unlock the hidden potential to be adaptable to whatever life throws at you. Let’s recall on a moment in your life where you thought everything was impossible but somehow you got through it?
That’s the fine art of adaption. Back to the ‘messy’ point, just because we lose self-discipline from time to time, it doesn’t mean we no longer fit with the ‘high vibe all the time spiritual’ image.
We all need to have the messy part in our lives or otherwise, we would not know our potential and strengths. When your life becomes cluttered, laugh about it and become friend with it.
Yes, you need to make it your best friend because it might be painful looking at your god-awful mess but you gain something from it. Your best friend will tell you the truth because they love you.
When you’re ready to hear the truth, you gain a new strength. You gain joy back in your life. You gain love back in your life.
There is no absolute right way about how to live a spiritual life. As long as you own your shit, you’re good to go.
-Mina <3

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  1. Pretty cool article, had several great points I enjoyed. Not so crazy about the “Witchcraft mumbo jumbo” comment. The rest, I liked.

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