Building Muscles: Why Being Out of the Comfort Zone Have to be So Uncomfortable? (Revised)

A Self-Created Comfort Zone
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Have you ever try something scary but exciting? Yes? No? Maybe the latter is the majority vote. But that begs a question- since when getting out of your comfort zone is scary and uncomfortable? Sure, doing something out of ordinary can feel like a doozy but it can trigger the adrenaline rush.
Usually, the adrenaline rush is temporary enough to maximize your strength, courage, and mental to do something very difficult. It doesn’t really sound fantastic or exciting enough to chase after again and again but if you practice it regularly, it eventually expands your inner strength.
For instance, it’s like building your muscles. If you want to increase muscle mass for various reasons such as to build a better self-esteem, self-confidence, to fit into clothes better, or/and to challenge yourself, you have to lift weights and work on your body to build muscle mass. Most importantly, you have to have a plan to reach your fitness goal.
While increasing your muscles, it is inevitable that as you progress into your fitness journey, it’ll trigger the buried feelings you’ve not dealt with when you’re not putting efforts into your health. The initial feelings of newness and motivation going into the muscle-building journey can get old fast because when you realize how much work it takes and how long it takes to see results, you’ll experience frustration and maybe eat unhealthy foods to cope with the bubbling emotions.
Following a fitness plan is never straightforward or smooth. You will become obsessive. You will binge. You will want to give up. You will become focused or distracted. You will be riding an emotional roll-coaster. It’s very similar to when you step out of your comfort zone.
Being out of the safety net can be very overwhelming because it is so unfamiliar and uneasy after living in the safe space you’ve built for a long time. It’s hard to break a bad habit but it is doable.
It is really about making a decision. A decision that could change your life forever for better. It is a decision you have to stand by and stick out through the unforeseen bumps. Just because those challenging events come up, it doesn’t mean you made a wrong decision. It means to take it as an opportunity to push yourself further and figure out an alternative solution.
Take this as an example, you’re making a decision to leave your long-term love partner that become stale but you’re afraid of leaving the familiarity of physical touch, togetherness, intimacy, emotional connection, and sex.
The more you think about losing the familiarity, the more you find a reason not to leave your partner. A thought might run through your mind, “What if I can’t find another partner?”
While that can be tricky, you have to remember the sadness you feel in the relationship and that’s why you want to find a new partner who values, honor, and love you. It’ll definitely bring up loneliness and confusion but you have to stick with your decision and your goal in finding a partner that is a better fit for you. With patience and faith, you’ll manifest your ideal partner.
Or what if you want to quit your crappy job? Oh, yeah, it’ll feed into your fears about the lack of finances but for the obvious reason, you might want to be able to get up in the morning and look forward to your job every day, right?
That’s the feeling you want to remember when you’re anxious about leaving your job. You have to explore the alternative solutions to make the transition smoothly. Maybe the extra time between the transition free up the time for your hobbies and who knows it’ll lead you to your next job opportunity.
Those internal feelings come up for a reason. They are the source of your idleness life. Think back to the time when you stay beyond the line. What made you stay there? Fears? Childhood wounds? Old Conditioning?
The comfort zone has become comfortable because you’ve not dealt with the internal blocks but now that you’re out of the house, the can is finally broken and worms are flying out screaming, “I am finally free!!”
Now you have to deal with those ‘worms’ you’ve pushed down somewhere in your body. No doubt that will trigger you and having a second thought about your ‘fitness plan.’
Those challenging moments are an inescapable part of building a body of your dreams.  It is not always a smooth road but as long as you stick to the fitness plan and work on those buried feelings, in the end, you will get a hot smoking body with bulging muscles.
Think how much your life will turn out for better if you stick with your decision and find your comfort in the discomfort. You’ll be expanding your courage and confidence to try something different daily. The more you build your confidence, the less likely you’ll want to go back to that hopeless safe space.
Pick up those worms one time at a time. You’ll get them all eventually or you can just throw it away in the soil and let it live there where it belongs.
-Mina <3

Great things never came out of comfort zones. -unknown


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