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circle of fire
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I was crying so hard. It was broad daylight. There were two women at my sides urging me to jump into the circle of fire. The circle was small. It seemed impossible.
I was full of fear not wanting to jump but deeply in my heart, I knew it had to be done. I was sobbing heavily.
Those women assured me I could do it and that I needed to jump. I put my fear aside and momentarily built up the courage.
I ran and jumped into the circle of fire. Then the ground grabbed me spiritually and I somehow became grounded. I felt some sort of a release.
It was the freedom.
I was overwhelmed with relief and thought to myself, ‘I’m glad I did this.’
It woke me up.
I am not going to bore you with deciphering my dreams but dreams carry messages including the secrets to unlock your potential or wounds that have you running away from life. That’s also how the Spirit communicate with your higher self in your dreams and possibly warns you of a dangerous situation in your life.
Some dreams I do not try to figure out but THIS dream I HAD to find out the message the Spirit was trying to send me and why I felt the relief being in the circle.
After browsing the internet for the meaning of the circle of the fire and asking a dream interpreter in the Dream Codes group on Facebook, it was essentially a truth I need to protect myself with or surround myself with.
Hold on that thought. I’ll explain why in a moment. I also had a bizarre dream prior to the circle of fire. I was witnessing a dog with very flimsy muscle and it vomited everywhere. It terrified me.
The dreams of the sick dog and the circle of fire must be connected somehow. The meaning of seeing a dog in the dreams have a general meaning. The dog represents your friendship, companionship, loyalty or guardian. However, when the dog becomes sick, it means a loss of a friend or a loss of something.
Immediately, I made a connection. I was grieving over a loss of a friend whom I’ve talked with on a daily basis nonstop for a while. But things changed when I told him I cannot go on dates with him because of a situation in his life. I’ll just say this his love life was a hot mess.
As soon as I clarified my boundaries and needs, he had become distant and our talks stopped abruptly. It took me few days to get over this awkward feeling between desperately to continue our friendship just for the sakes of maintaining our familiarity and the life we created together to feeling liberated for standing up for myself.
Eventually, I was finally over it. Then, on the social media, I saw ‘him’ posting drinking hard liquor which was not like him. He posted once again. I thought to myself he must be self-destructing a little.
Hence, the dream of a sick dog and the circle of fire. It meant to allow the dog to pass or let this friend go. The fear of jumping into the circle of fire means to embrace my truth and protect myself with my truth.
Often time, we are all afraid to speak our truth, stand by our truth, and/or walk our truth because we are not sure if we are making the right choice for ourselves.
It also doesn’t help to witness how talking your truth affects your friendship or any other area of your life. Shit, it’s an anxiety-triggering for sure. Your ego is having fun with this uncertainty and it feeds your mind with fear-based thoughts.
I mean, it sucks that things have to change when you speak up for yourself. Like, fuck, why can’t things stay the same? But of course, it is not going to remain the same because it means another person or in this case my ‘friend’ is not in the alignment with your/my truth.
Most importantly, speaking your truth allow you to be in the alignment with your joy, love, beauty, and TRUTH. Not everyone will understand your truth but those who understand you are very special people.
You have to keep walking your truth and passing on the toxic choices. Asking for what you need protects your energy and your inner peace. If you are not able to speak your truth or express your needs, you are in a dangerous area and is at risk of having your energy drained.
The Dream interpreter told me “Get yourself away from being burnt. You will feel better in the long run.”
I knew this. I knew speaking up will protects me in the long run. I take this dream as a warning from the Spirit saying, “You have to protect yourself with your truth. You did the right thing. Let this situation go.”
“And also, not only the truth protects you but it freed you.”
It was not the fire I feared. I did not fear to get burnt. I feared to embody the fire because the loss of my friendship confirmed my fears. I feared my own power and truth. Ego tried to fill my head with false beliefs about my power.
The loss of the friendship is another gain and another step into my circle of fire. Others or my ‘friend’ might become distant because they feared your circle of fire or power. They backed away not because they did not get their needs met, they were afraid of your truth which triggered something in them.
They might feel shame or anger when they were able to fill their void with toxicity but when they heard the word, “No.” Their world shifted. It was confirming their fears of unworthiness, voidness, and invaluable.
You are not responsible for their happiness. You are solely responsible for your own happiness. You do not have to feel sorry for standing in your truth. If you are feeling apologetic, it’s not a good sign because it might mean you are in a toxic environment.
Don’t be afraid to lit your circle on fire because it keeps away the predators, low vibrational people, toxicity, and energy vampires. In the end, you still have your health, joy, love and inner peace.
-Mina ❤

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