Relationship Coaching Tip #1- You Deserve to Feel Protected with your Romantic Partner


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Not a long ago, I met a guy. He was a hard worker, an incredible father, funny, reliable, and stable. I thought he met all of my criteria. I was excited to be finally finding a potential romantic partner and possibly sharing a life together.

But one thing gnawed at me. My intuition was telling me there was something off. I didn’t know why or how. I liked this guy so much that I brushed this intuitive feeling off.

I found myself trying so hard and sharing intimate information about myself. We exchanged information. I thought it was great that this guy was emotionally open and very honest with everything.

I could not find anything wrong with him. As we build the relationship and getting to know each other, this stinky feeling won’t go away.

I realized I was not feeling safe to be vulnerable with him. This guy was aloof at times. I did not take it personally, but I found myself becoming nervous to open up emotionally.

It was a red flag for a reason. There was a reason my intuition went into overdrive alerting me that I was about to walk into a toxic relationship.

We were few months into our friendship. One day, we had a conversation that took a turn, and at the point from on, our friendship also took a nosedive.

This guy admitted he was seeing several women. There. That was the stinky feeling. It was the red flag trying to warn me. That was why I did not feel safe to be vulnerable with him.

It was an eye-opening, and I declined his date. Then, he became distant. It was hard at first but relieved that I do not become trapped in toxicity.

This lesson is critical because it is essential to be feeling SAFE with your potential partner. Vulnerability and trust go in hand in hand.

If you do not feel safe in sharing your life and cannot trust your potential life partner, don’t do it. Don’t waste your time. Walk away to protect your happiness, health, and mental.

Yes, it is hard to walk away and to feel defeated, but love is never scarce or limited. Being with a toxic partner confines your mind, body, and spiritual.

Being with an emotionally available, trustworthy, reliable, mature, and evolved partner expands each bit of you. It also frees you. Love extends you beautifully, lovely, and strongly.

You are much worth than toxicity, restrictions, rules, and fear. You deserve to feel protected with your partner.

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