Relationship Coaching Tip #2- Why You Should Embrace your Breakups


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In the last blog, I had few people sent me private messages and shared their sympathy. It gave me an impression that they might think I was depressed or I did not have good luck in love. While I genuinely appreciate their heartfelt thoughts, but honestly, at the time of writing the relationship coaching tip number one, I wasn’t sad. 

My breakup(s) inspired me more than you realize. It built me up and increased my confidence in being true to myself. 

After I gave myself the time to grieve the loss, I was able to see the bright side, and I was able to see what went wrong with a clear mind and not being attached to the breakup.

You learned so much about yourself and what matters to you in a relationship when you can look at your past relationship(s) from an objective perspective.  It definitely helped me to move on and fell in love with life again. 

Let’s be honest, no one liked breaking up as much as I did. Think about this- It’s not the breakup that everyone is avoiding, however, it’s the aftermaths.

Inevitably, emotions are going to overwhelm your emotional circuit and cloud your sound judgment.  Negative thoughts are forming in your head after separating from your romantic partner triggering the ugliness, unworthiness, and loneliness feelings.

I don’t know anyone is really prepared for the breakup consequences, but it helps to be aware of your emotions. It is crucial to allow yourself to feel every emotion triggered by the separation and loss. You have to give yourself the permission and the space to grieve.

You will be feeling and thinking clearly after mourning, but sometimes, sadness also can turn to angry reasonably quickly. It’s okay to be angry, but don’t get trapped in anger because it can become a domino effect negatively.

If you are holding on the anger, it means to reflect on what’s underlying the emotions and what does the breakup reflect on your feelings.

There is no absolute easy way to get over the breakup, but there is a way to embrace the separation. 

There is a reason why you and your romantic partner went onto your separate ways. Reflect on what the separation is showing you instead of allowing your emotions hold you hostage.


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Here is Why You Need to Embrace your Break Up

So, maybe you don’t want to be in a relationship ever again, and that’s perfectly okay.

Or… maybe you’re in a position where you might be reconsidering to give the relationship another try because… (seriously) life makes much sense when you’re in love.

If so,  then that’s GREAT! I cannot be any more excited for you!

Like I mentioned, being aware of your emotions is critical but being aware of your relationship patterns is also important to break through the limiting belief about self-love, love, and relationships in general.

There might be or might not specific conditioning, teaching, and/or past relationship experiences affected your ideology of the romantic relationship(s) as well as in your choices of romantic partner(s).

The breakup tells a lot about yourself, your partner, and the relationship. It might be awkward and uneasy to explore deeply in your past relationships, but to find what does your ideal partner/relationship looks like, you have to see a big picture.

Here are some questions to examine your breakup(s):

  1. When did the separation begin? (It can be subtle but it was the beginning of the breakup. Think back on the day when it changed your relationship’s future.)
  2. What is this emotion showing me? (Name your emotion and nurture it.)
  3. What is missing from the relationship? (It is possible why you guys break up in the first place. It could be due to different values, needs, or whatever you hoped to receive from the relationship.)
  4. What lesson is this trying to teach me? (Is this relationship similar to the previous relationship? Or is it used to fulfill your voidness? There are different factors why you’re in this relationship and/or why you’re not in this relationship.)
  5. What do I need in a relationship that my past relationship cannot give me? (A great question to consider your current choice of partner and determine what’s your ideal romantic relationship.)
  6. Lastly, what is your ideal romantic partner?

The more you reflect on what can you do to better yourself and find what’s your ideal relationship is, the more you’ll closer to manifest your love.

Honesty is the best policy. 🙂


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Finding Love Again

Nothing is more empowering than embracing the imperfections in your past relationships because it empowers you to raise your standards, better boundaries, loving yourself more, communicating better and not accepting anything less.

Most importantly, each relationship brings you closer to your ideal romantic relationship. If you’ve been recently out of a relationship, please know that you’re at a great place because you are not suffering anymore and you’re healing to be transformed into this magnificent individual.

You know what they said about how self-confidence is sexy? Well, I think it’s incredibly hot that you could pick yourself up after a loss and found a reason to fall in love with yourself nonetheless.

I applaud your bravery for starting over and choosing love over an emotionally unfulfilling relationship.

You should be very proud of yourself. You deserve true love.

-Mina <3


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