Boundaries Are Crucial Part To Manifesting Your Love

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For a long time, I’ve struggled with setting boundaries in my romantic relationships. Often, I was always insecure when my former partner accused me of not being flexible, rigid, or tell me that my boundaries were wrong.

It was hurtful hearing that from my partner who I loved and cared. As much as I wanted to make this relationship work, I was utterly confused. I even thought there was something wrong with me. Out of desperation, I bent my boundaries to please my former partner, but little did I know, my relationship was nearing the end.

I felt worse after not honoring my boundaries. My insecurity and this unhealthy relationship were sucking the life out of me.

Boundaries were blurred, and it was challenging to see what’s right and what’s wrong. My mindset was in a complete hazy until I cannot take it anymore. I broke up with them.

That kind of relationship can become toxic and even, dangerous if there are no clear boundaries. When it comes to manifesting your ideal romantic partner, you have to know what are your boundaries and to stick by them.

Knowing what your limitations give you a clearer idea of what’s your ideal romantic relationship.

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What Are Your Boundaries?

Having boundaries, in the long run, protect you from falling into a toxic relationship, and it also promotes healthy self-esteem. While having boundary sounds restrictive, it is not about being ‘limited’ or even being limited in the selection of the potential romantic partner.

Being selective is not a bad thing! It can be an excellent filter process when you are looking for a long-term love partner. You have to know what are your boundaries to determine who your ideal romantic partner is.

For instance, you might:

-Prefer selecting a partner who is emotionally available and have a career that supports their living. 

-Want a partner who respects your needs to be independent and that you have to get together with your girlfriends every Sunday to receive support from them. 

-Want an honest and loyal partner who is not afraid to share vulnerability.

-Want a partner who supports your ambitious goals.

There are endless boundaries that differ to each, but none of them are wrong as long as it fosters a healthy relationship and environment.

It is crucial to know what are your boundaries because it achieves an authentic experience in the relationship. Most important of all, it allows you to receive true love.

Identifying your boundaries bring a deep understanding of what’s important to you personally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The more you know what matters to you, the more you know what your ideal romantic relationship is which allows you to be YOU unapologetically.

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You Are Lovable

Without a doubt, you’ll have to say ‘no’ to a potential partner, but that’s okay because saying ‘no’ is also saying ‘YES’ to your ideal romantic partner! There is no scarcity of love partners. It is about choosing quality over quantity.

Establishing your boundaries take time and a lot of practice. Keep adhering to your boundaries, and within time, it’ll become more natural. It will make your life much easier.

If you’re like me, it is difficult to know what kind of a romantic relationship you wish to manifest if your mind, heart, and spirit is not clear after being thrown through trenches of low-vibrational relationships.

Until last year, I reached out to my business/creative coach, and she pointed out to my poor boundaries and the lack of clarity which was contributing to my ‘hot mess’ life emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

It was also the main reason my previous relationships failed, and one of them became a violent one. I am eternally grateful for my coach’s support and guidance to open my eyes (and heart) that I am capable of having a healthy relationship.

So can you. You are lovable in spite of your relationship history. Relationships are like mirrors, and it reflects on our inner shadows and light. You deserve to have a relationship that reflects your light, beauty, and brilliance.

Having boundaries can steer you toward a love partner of your dream just like they are also looking for you. Not only that it is a crucial part to manifest your love, but it also fosters a healthy mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

With love,
Mina <3


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