Unleash Your Womanhood

For those who have been following my spiritual and personal journey, it is no secret that I battled with low self-esteem, toxic relationships, body weight, sexuality, and issues as a woman. There are so many times I asked myself why am I going this!? What is the lesson in this heartbreak? Why do I have to suffer like this? I know we all share similar stories. It has been a LONG journey of self-love for me, personally and spiritually. 

Until now, I am piecing the puzzles and connecting the dots to why and what I went through in those years. I had no idea how my femininity was binding until now. I am gradually unleashing my mind, heart, body, womb, and shadow to reclaim my womanhood unapologetically. 

This is probably the first time I feel alive, excited, and passionate about where I am going, especially as a cyclical and intuitive woman. It happened so I can share my lessons, healings, experiences, and love with you in a sacred session to unleash your womanhood.

In the reading, I will use a special tarot spread to unleash your womanhood from mind to relationship. This spread share insights and guidance in taking layers off that used to confine you as a spiritual woman living in a patriarchal society. This unique tarot reading is an incredible opportunity to reclaim your cyclical and intuitive female body. We will dig each layer in your mind, body, and soul to call back your power back. Are you ready for a womb healing session? 

The Investment: A written 16-cards reading in your inbox for only $95

If this speaks to your heart (and ovaries), contact me at MysticMina31@gmail.com to get your ‘Unleash Your Womanhood’ reading right away!

Got some pressing questions about this opportunity? Do NOT hesitate to ask away!

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