Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Mystic, Writer, & High Priestess

Hello! –I’m Mina. I am a Deaf Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Mystic, Writer, and High Priestess. My ultimate goal is to empower you to transform yourself inside and outside, to transform from fearful to faithful, and from a conformist to a leader in your life. Think of me as your spiritual cheerleader

With the world constantly changing, it can be challenging to find a space of tranquility and remain faithful in spite of what’s happening around you. However, it does not have to be this overwhelming or anxious.

If you’ve been feeling anxiety, hopeless, or fatigue, your body is trying to communicate with you about what it needs from you. Your body is a vehicle for your spirit. If you listen quietly, you’ll be able to hear your intuition and nurture your whole being with love.

My reading is a safe space for you to share your intimate thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgment. It is also a sacred space to receive spiritual guidance and clarifications about why you’re feeling this way or needing support with your current life

During a reading session, I tune in to receive insights and guidance for you through my clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and reading the Tarot cards into general inquiries such as career, home, relationship, spirituality, and more.

In my readings, I will not only channel spiritual messages for your highest good and offer my comfort, but I will also support you to address your fears. Naturally, fear stops you from living your life as you want to.

However, fear also shares insights on why and how can you transmute fear into love. Understanding and facing your fears allows you to break through internal barriers. As a result, you integrate dark and light becoming an empowered individual who understand the gift the darkness offers and the enlightenment the light offers.

On the bright side, love motivates you to take exciting risks to attain your dreams. What are your heart’s deepest desires? What is tugging at your heart? In the session, we will face your heart’s needs with brutal honesty and authenticity realigning with your true soul and identity.

If you feel guided to book a loving, supportive, and empowering session with me to begin living your life, I invite you to take a look at my services to receive specific guidance in your life. At the end of the session, I strive to inspire you to choose love over fear.

For American Sign Language users, the reading will take place over FaceTime, Skype and/or Facebook video chat. If you do not know sign language, don’t worry! We can still connect for your reading via Facebook Messenger or Skype chat.

Mina’s Story

Like I mentioned, I am profoundly Deaf by birth. By Deaf, I meant I cannot hear or speak at all. I used American Sign Language as a sole mean of communication. For years since as a little girl, I knew I was intuitive, but I didn’t understand how, what or why was I seeing things that I couldn’t explain.

Fast forward to the day in March 2015, I was a bored single Mom with a 15 months old baby. I asked my Spirit Guide to guide me to spirituality books for inspiration to get out of the rut. He encouraged me to get my first deck. 

Immediately, I protested saying “I wasn’t advanced or gifted enough to do it! No, No, NO!” After arguing back and forth for few minutes, I gave in. I bought the deck and brought it back home. Upon opening the deck, I felt such warmth in my heart and I had a grin from ear to ear with such familiarity as I’ve been doing this for years. 

Little did I know it would change my life forever. I started practicing on people. After more than 70 readings, I realized I was able to communicate with the Spirit and Angels. At the moment, an overwhelming relief came over me because I finally understood what I was seeing as a little girl and I found my purpose.

From there, I dived into the Spirit world and diligently worked on building a foundation for my spirituality based business. By then, I realized what my heart’s calling was. My passion is to empower others to transform themselves.

Photography by Justin Horrocks

If you’re reading this, you’re at a great place of bettering yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It doesn’t matter how far or close you’ve come on your journey but taking small steps are grand steps toward your path of enlightenment.

I know it can be overwhelming about how to transform your life for better but if I could do it, then you can do it. Please do not hesitate to accept the support and guidance of the Spirit.

With my services,  I offer you my loving and empowering support. This is your opportunity to empower yourself. Without a doubt, I encourage you to embrace your authentic self. This is now time to change your life around for better.

Aside from being a conduit for the Spirit, I love writing. This website is my sacred place where I allow my feelings to write for me. I invite you to step into my sacred space. Welcome.

With love,

Mina <3

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

-Joseph Campbell