Unleash Your Womanhood

It is no secret that I battled with low self-esteem, toxic relationships, bodyweight issues, intimacy/sexuality, self-expression, and more pressing issues as a menstrual woman. It is even more prevalent in woman’s culture in current society. There are so many times I asked myself why am I going this!? What is the lesson in this heartbreak? Why do I have to suffer like this? I know we all share similar stories. It has been a LONG journey of self-love for me, personally and spiritually. 

This journey of trusting my feminine body and intuition doesn’t begin until the last year in 2018. That was also when I faced a difficult choice. It was a choice to quit my 9-5 daytime job in a liner way (masculine) based work environment. I was always anxious, worn out, feeling sad, and lost. I did not understand what was happening with my body or what was it trying to tell me. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me. Yes, there was, but it was coming from a place of misinterpretation, vanity, pride, and egos. I thought I was lazy; I felt useless; I felt utterly worthless. I hated who I was when I was working in that environment.

Fast-forward to this January 2019, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I did not have it in my heart anymore. I was burnt out. I was so ready for a huge change. I turned in my resignation. Unbeknownst to me, this decision initiated a dark journey into my body unpacking inaccurate narratives about what it truly means to be a cyclical woman, witch, and high priestess.

It leads me into months of research and a lot of flashback memories of my past lifetimes. To summarize, what I’ve discovered is that living in a patriarchal society conditions us, women, to have doubts in our divine femininity, inner power, wisdom, and mysticism. There is also ancient feminine wisdom that lies in our cyclical womb that has been suppressed for thousands of years.

This discovery leads me to believe that with support and guidance we can tap into our womb to create magic, align with our soul purpose, and becoming the best version of ourselves. This sacred teaching wasn’t shared in our education system and doctor’s office because it is based on the patriarchal constructs and masculinity. They have minimal understanding of our amazing, feminine, intuitive, complex, and cyclical bodies!

My journey inspires me to create this ‘Unleash Your Womanhood’ reading because it is very close to my heart when I was (am still) on a journey of unpacking toxic masculinity and healing suppressed femininity that prevents me from becoming the best version of a woman that I am! This is a written 16-Tarot Cards reading in your inbox that shares powerful insights and tangibles solutions into how can you unleash your womanhood by unshackling illusions in your mind, body, womb, relationship, divine femininity, and more!

You do not have to suffer in silence (except when you are bleeding, you are allowed to rest to restore your body!) just because you are a woman. You are meant to stand out, be vocal, breathtaking, powerful, and intuitive.

It is no coincidence that I am on this healing journey so I might share the gift with you. If you are trying to figure out what is your body trying to tell you or how to align with your womanhood to create and manifest your reality, this is for you!

What you receive:

  • 16-Cards written intuitive tarot reading in your inbox
  • Channeled messages
  • Photo of your cards
  • Follow up questions and clarifications

Your investment for a written ‘Unleash Your Womanhood’ reading in your inbox: $95 USD

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about this healing opportunity. Email me at MysticMina31@gmail.com

If you are ready to unleash your womanhood, I am SO HAPPY and HONORED to be a part of your self-love journey. Click on the link below to make your payment and I’ll send a follow-up email.

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Unleash Your Womanhood Email Reading

​16 tarot cards and psychic reading into how to unleash your womanhood.